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When you buy a new car, you must buy car insurance by law. Each state has their own motor insured laws in place that outline the most basic car insurance that you must have as a car owner. For many people, this strictly legal coverage is all the car insurance that they buy. The largest reason for this is the high costs involved when you buy car insurance. However, there are many reasons to get additional coverage beyond legally required limits when you buy car insurance.

The first coverage you should seriously consider when you buy car insurance is uninsured motorist coverage. This insurance coverage comes into play if someone hits you who do not have insurance. When you have this coverage, your insurance company will pay for your car repairs after a deductible. Then, the car insurance company pursues legal action against the uninsured motorist to try to gain reimbursement. This frees you from legal worries and hassles of suing someone for damages.

The second type of coverage that you should consider when you buy car insurance is theft insurance. This type of coverage can be very inexpensive or extremely expensive, depending on your car and where you live. Those who buy car insurance for used cars but live in urban neighborhoods will often pay more for theft coverage than someone who lives in the suburbs with a new car. However, when you live in urban neighborhoods you really need to protect the hard earned investment of your car with theft coverage.

When you buy car insurance you should also consider getting more liability and medical coverage than is mandated by law. Often the minimum amounts required legally are much lower than what you can actually be held liable for in the case that you are found responsible for an accident. The best way to protect yourself and your family finances is to get additional coverage in this area when you buy car insurance.

If you have a used car, you might also consider road side assistance coverage. This type of coverage is very important, especially when you have an older car, are a single female, or have children. When you get road side assistance coverage when you buy car insurance, you will receive free towing, tire changes, and other roadside help. If you do not want to find yourself walking in the rain or snow because your car broke down, you got a flat tire, you ran out of gas, or you got stuck in a ditch, you should definitely buy this car insurance.

If you are really concerned about the cost of adding these types of coverage when you buy car insurance, try visiting online insurance companies to get comparative quotes. Often you can find very inexpensive car insurance alternatives by shopping around online. These online quote systems also allow you to easily see the price differences between different types of coverage. You can also often get additional discounts when you buy car insurance online.

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