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There are many different ways that you can buy car parts. Some ways are cheaper than others. However, sometimes the cheapest way isn't always the best way. Also, sometimes installation or part is so complicated that you do not have any choice but let your mechanic handle the whole thing. There are several things that you should consider before you buy car parts in any way, from any vendor.

First of all, consider what is wrong with your car. Do you know what is wrong with it? Is it complicated to fix? Do you or someone you know have the knowledge to fix it properly? All of these questions should be answered before you buy car parts. If you do not know what is wrong with your car, or if you do not know what part to buy, you should not spend your money on buying car parts. You should take your car to a mechanic to have the problem evaluated and diagnosed.

Once you do know what parts your car needs, you still need to answer the question of whether or not you know how to fix it. If the answer is no, you need to find out if a mechanic will fix the problem for labor costs only if you supply the parts. When you buy car parts through a mechanic, you are paying at least a fifty percent markup over what you would pay if you when to buy car parts yourself. If your mechanic requires you to buy car parts from him as a part of his service and you don't know how to fix the car, you will be forced to do so.

If, however, your mechanic will allow you to buy your own car parts, or if you can fix the problem yourself, then you need to shop around for car parts. Sometimes used car parts can be bought to fix problems. However, not all used car parts are a good idea. If you are not sure whether or not you should try the used car part, buy new car parts. If you do buy used car parts, make sure that you get some type of exchange or warranty if it does not work or fit in the car.

You can find used car parts for sale at various places. Some scrap yards pull usable parts off of cars before crushing them then sell the used car parts. There are also pick and pull lots, where you wander around through a maze of cars to find the part that you need. These lots are a great alternative, because they often do not charge if you do not find what you need. They also only charge for the car parts that you buy, and allow exchanges within three or four days if the part cannot be used.

You can, of course, also find parts at auto part supply stores. This is the best way to buy car parts like batteries, alternators, and other car parts that are fairly inexpensive to buy new. These car parts will also come with a warranty of six months to five years, which will be honored by the store if the part ever goes bad.

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