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Most people shop around for home appliances, books, and other items that can be found online before choosing a retailer and making a purchase. But far too many people just walk onto a car lot and buy a new car without any research, shopping, or knowing their facts. When you buy a house, you know your credit score, your financing options, what you are getting, how much you are paying for it, how much the interest will be, and whether or not you can get a better deal. With some new cars costing the same amount of money as a fix-up home, don't you think you should put the same thought, effort, and planning into your purchase when you buy a new car?

You should always do your homework before you buy a new car. The best way to face a car dealer is by being prepared. Do not think that just because you are at a new car dealership that you will not be scammed. New car dealers scam consumers as often as used car dealers—just in a different way. The best way to be prepared for a new car dealer is to do your homework, print all of the information you gather, and then go to the dealership armed and ready to get the deal that you deserve.

The first step to being prepared when you buy a new car is to check your credit score. You can do this fairly inexpensively, usually around twenty or thirty dollars, and the act could save your hundreds or thousands in interest on your new car loan. When you know your credit score, you can rebut the horrible car loan that your new car dealer will likely present to you when you go to buy a new car.

The next step to being prepared when you buy a new car is to check prices. Don't check prices with the dealers! Go online and research the Kelly Blue Book value of the new car. Check around at different new car dealers online and look for the best deals. When you know how little you can pay for the new car, you can use this information to negotiate a more reasonable price when you go to your local dealership to buy a new car.

Once you have your credit information and the average prices for the car that you want, go to your bank and find out what the average car loan interest should be based on your credit score. You can also check out car loan rates online with various banks and through competitor comparison sites. This information will help keep you from getting scammed by the dealer when you buy a new car.

The main point to all of these important tips is that when you buy a new car you must be a wary consumer, just as you would be when buying a new house or major household appliance. Shop around, gather information, and be prepared to be scammed. If you get lucky and find a dealer that does not try to scam you, and you find that you didn't need to do all that work after all, you will be one of the few.

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