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There are many advantages to deciding to buy used cars online. There is the convenience of easier searching, without wading through tons of classified ads that are for used cars that you don't want. There is the convenience of communicating by email rather than playing phone tag with sellers of used cars. And, finally, there is the convenience of gathering more information through smart cars programs than you would get from an owner over the phone.

But in spite of the advantages to deciding to buy used cars online, there are also some safety and security issues. Craiglist, a common source for those who buy used cars online, offers many helpful safety tips for dealing with used car owners and sellers over the internet. Some of these safety tips are important for protecting yourself from scams or buying a lemon in any situation, while other safety tips are important only when you buy used cars online.

First, be aware that most used car sellers online will not allow you to write them a check, send them a cashiers check, or send them a money order. These documents can easily be forged, and many web sites and lawyers advise against sellers taking these forms of payment. While some used car sellers will take credit cards or PayPal payments when you buy used cars online, this is also inadvisable. By providing this information to the used car seller, you are opening yourself up to identity theft.

You should also beware of the bait and switch. This is a common scam on the internet. The seller posts a used car online, with pictures and details. You think you have found the car of your dreams, at a reasonable price. You send payment, and have the car shipped to you. But when it arrives, it is a piece of junk that may or may not run, and may or may not resemble the description or picture displayed on the web site.

The best way to avoid these issues is to only deal with local sellers when you buy used cars online. When you buy from local sellers, you can pay in cash, as is agreeable with both parties most of the time. You also have the advantage of being able to physically see, test drive, and examine the car before purchasing it when you buy used cars online from local sellers. You can even take the car to your personal mechanic if you are unsure that the vehicle is a sound choice.

The decision to buy used cars online is made by thousands of people every day. It is convenient, easy, and time saving. However, like in any used car buying situation, the opportunity for scams is abundant. By making sure that you follow these tips for protecting yourself when you buy used cars online, your car buying experience will be a good one, resulting in a purchase that you will be happy with for some time.

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