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There are many places that you can find and buy used cars. In addition to used car lots, you can buy used cars from individuals and smaller lots that do not advertise their cars on television or radio. Another place that you can find and buy used cars is in classifieds and through online websites.

When you are looking to buy used cars from an individual, the best place to start is the classifieds section of your local newspaper. Call any ads for used cars that interest you, regardless of the price. When you buy used cars from a private owner, you are much more likely to negotiate a lower price than if you were to visit a used car lot. Ask lots of questions about the maintenance of the car in the past, how many owners the car has had, and why they are selling the car.

If you do not find any cars that you like in the local classifieds, you can try looking in classifieds online. Craigslist and Kaboo are two very well known and widely used free classifieds websites that allow you to search for used cars in your local area. Again, call and ask about price negotiations, what is wrong with the car, and why the car is being sold.

If you still do not find the car that you want to buy, you can go to a used car website. The used cars websites are often the best place to find quality used cars. Most of these websites ask all of the questions for you, so that you do not need to worry about whether or not the car you are buying is safe. You can search locally or within so many miles of your home. The used car websites also may provide "smart cars." Smart cars are used cars that have had all information about the vehicle stored in a database with the vehicle identification number. This allows you to discover if a car was in a wreck, or if the car has had an engine overhaul.

It is a good idea when you buy used cars to have a mechanic that you trust on call who can look over the used car before you buy it. This is fairly simple to do. When you go to the seller to look at the car, tell the owner that you would like to test drive the car. If you have a good mechanic who will see you right away, simply take the car to him and then finish your test drive.

If your mechanic may make you wait in line or is usually very busy, tell the owner outright that you will be taking the car to your mechanic to make sure that it is sound before you make a decision on the purchase. When you buy used cars, you cannot be too careful. The owner will either understand this and agree, or he will deny you the opportunity. If an owner denies the opportunity to take the car to your mechanic, then you need to buy a different used car.

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